HPLD-D10 And HPLN-D10 High Power Laser Cables

Customised for all laser types up to 4 kW

The high power HPLD/HPLN-D10 laser cable is used with a 15 mm ferrule as an alternative fibre-optic beam delivery system to the standard LLK for diode lasers, Nd:YAG lasers and fibre lasers. These LLK systems are in particular used when high laser output up to 4 kW is to be transported with a small laser module plug-in connection.

Ideal for guidance inside a laser system and SMA connection

The HPLD/ HPLN-D10 system is the ideal solution when using laser light sources with a pug-in connection, Ø 10 mm, length 56 mm with which the laser user must use an SMA plug-in connector and if a laser output up to 200 W is to be transferred. This means that an SMA plug-in connector on the 2nd side of the cable system can be installed as an external connection, thus enabling SMA plug-in connector systems to be used.

The systems can be equipped optionally with fibre breakage identification (FPS), temperature watchdog (CCS) and protection by reflexion (LBP).

Here too, combination with the HPLK plug-in connector system is feasible. The HPLD/ HPLN-D10 system can be set up with diverse other options as well as individual customer-specific components and further safety equipment. (refer also to the table, HPLD/ HPLN overview).

Connection and utilisation of all laser sources commonly to be found on the market is also guaranteed in this case.

Technical data

Plug type: FOP-D10
Plug ferrule: Ø 10mm,
length 56 mm
Fibre type: fused silicia fibres, multimode NA 0.22
Fibre core diameter: between Ø 200 and Ø 1500 µm
Hybrid protective tubing
Fibre loss amounts to < 3 %
Length: 1 m - 50 m
For use up to 4 kW diode laser, 4 kW Nd:YAG laser
Can be configured on one side, depending on the type of laser:
with SMA 905 plug-in connector, HPLK D80 optionally with breakage watchdog, temperature sensor, protection by reflexion and plug watchdog

Laser marking and laser material processing; especially suitable for use with flexible and compact designs and for robot and portal use